Table of Contents

I Want a Dog to Do My Laundry
by Kelley Jean White MD

Brooklyn, 1995
by M.J. Tenerelli

I'm a Train Girl
by Deborah Gambs

Ne Kadar
by Rachel L. Olivares

But Can You Fly?
by Alice Jacoby

India Calling
by Shikha Malaviya

Long Odds
by Susan H. Case

After Service
by Christina A. Vickers

At the Gorilla Forest, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, NY
by Madeline Artenberg

A Yawn in the Life of Venus
by Daniella Gioseffi

Eleven Terribly Convenient Places to Cry After a Break-Up
by Iris Schwartz

Sleeping Alone
by Taylor Graham

This is Different
by Maura Candela

They Deported My Love Last Night
Walidah Imarisha

Same Thing, Different Day
by Courtney Colwell

Sappho's Bed
by A.J. Courtney

And She Lived Happily Ever After
by Rosemarie Augostatos

This Ocean
by Golda Solomon

A Daughter's Love Song
by Christine Hamm

A Stone in a Stream
by Gina Buttafoco

There Was No Cure - Nohubo Remedia
by Barbara Newmark

Boston Marriage
by Shelley Ettinger

Bleeding the Radiators
Patricia M. Locke