They Deported My Love Last Night

By Walidah Imarisha

They deported my love last night
said it was illegal
said they knew it was love
and not just lust
by the way
it warmed everything it touched.
I tried to hide it
cloak it in inconsequentials
subdue its depth
and mask it as shallow.
I tried to hide it away
but they tracked it with
satellite systems bloodhounds motion detectors
and the smell of rebirth.
They disappeared my love last night
without warning
busting into the bedroom
leaving only a rapidly cooling empty space
in the bed.
They detained searched and interrogated my love last night
firing innuendos and spitting lewd suggestions.
They strip searched my love.
They brutalized and beat my love
for not denouncing me.
With hot pokers and plungers
mace hand cuffs electrodes
broken broom handles batons bats
fire hoses rope fists and malice
they tried to twist my love
into something they could control.
And when that did not work
they deported my love.
They said they knew for sure
my love did not belong here
I could not speak my agreement
Through the tears.