Eleven Terribly Convenient Places to Cry After a Break-Up

By Iris N. Schwartz

 1.  On the 8 a.m. bus, after your handsome male
      neighbor waves hello
 2.  In the A&P condiment aisle, bumping into the brand of
      mustard you used to buy just for your man
 3.  Next to the office coffee cart, while the friendly coffee
      cart guy asks about your weekend
 4.  Petting your silver tabby on your bed, remembering how
      your man had responded to your touch
 5.  In the kitchen, holding a saucepan, realizing you won't need to cook
      one stew with mushrooms and one without
 6.  Inside Linens 'n Things, thinking you'll never again need either
 7.  On upper Third Avenue, where he'd entwined his fingers with
      yours for the last time
 8.  In a Hallmark store, temporarily trapped
      between the Valentines and the sympathy section
 9.  In front of your mailbox, blotting blood from a paper
      cut from a Frederick's of Hollywood catalogue
10. At the movies, saving a seat for your tote bag and coat
11. Before the bathroom mirror, applying your make-up, for you